moong dal

The mung bean is native to Southwest Asia, where it was first cultivated 5,000-6,000 years ago. Currently it is grown in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Burma, China, Vietnam, Japan, and elsewhere. In the USSR it is grown in Tadzhikistan, Transcaucasia, and southern Kazakhstan (in small fields), using irrigation; it is planted in the spring or after the harvest.

We provide moong dal in three variant, Moong Dhowa, Green Mung dall and Green Mung Whole. Moong Doha beans are skinned and split into pieces and then further used. They are known for their light texture and high nutritive content. Green Moong is always very healthy and is widely used all over inida. Green Mung whole is generally used in salads and is considered very healthy. Mung beans are used as food in the form of groats, and the green beans and blanched sprouts are used as vegetables.

We procure best of raw material to processes best of pulses so as to deliver a healthy lifestyle.

Arhar Dal